Our first gun set was produced 10 years ago for school combined cadet force to perform their own gun run, modeled on the famous Royal Navy runs.

We produce sets to order, and they are ready for immediate use and competition.

The gun is fabricated from steel tube to give a look and weight that is realistic. They don’t have a working breech. The gun sits on a solid timber trail and attaches to the limber box with a simple and solid hook system. The limber box is open able, and provides storage for the draw ropes, or can be used to add weight for older competitors. All parts are easily removeable.

Each set is made with simple maintenance in mind. The wheels and all timber parts are oiled and stained, and metal parts can be coloured to the user requirements.

All ancillary parts are available for immediate dispatch in the event of a breakdown.

Wheels are all interchangeable and they are made in the traditional manner and all are hot bonded.

The full set comprises:

  • Gun and trail
  • Limber box
  • Full set of draw ropes
  • Braking ropes

We also manufacture portable obstacles for the runs and can supply spare wheels or ropes as required.

Please contact us for current prices and lead times.

We are also happy to discuss specific design requirements.